Our Core Areas Of Expertise Are

  • NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor – Skilled Trades Training Credentials
  • MSSC Certified Assessment Center for Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) Credentials
  • Energy Industry Pre-employment Readiness Training
  • Workforce Development Strategies
  • Youth and Young Adult Character Development and Behavioral Change
  • Community Engagement and Outreach Initiatives

Accredited Construction Skills Training

We offer our Legacy Builders Apprenticeship Academies (LBAA). These are a series of brick and mortar facilities housing students who learn the curriculum of the Legacy Nexus Program (LNP) and National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER). These apprenticeship academies deliver training, in standalone facilities or “schools-within-a-school” formats, for the “aged-out” population of adults older than 18 years and high school students for post-secondary skilled labor career opportunities. The aged-out population will include those identified as returning citizens, women, veterans and minorities who seek to begin their journeys into careers within the construction and energy sectors. The aged-out students will complete their training with the attainment of Department of Labor (DOL) nationally recognized credentials. High school students will graduate with both a diploma and DOL nationally recognized credentials.

Energy Industry Pre-employment Readiness Training

We provide readiness for aspiring energy industry professionals. Our readiness includes training for the various Edison Electric Institute (EEI) pre-employment exams. These exams include: POSS, MASS, TECH, CAST and SOPD II. We also provide training for the Behavior-Based Interview process and Human Performance. Additionally, we offer math refresher tutoring for adult learners to help bridge the aptitude gap necessary for a higher probability of success during the administration of EEI exams. Over the last 4 years, we historically have a “Recommended” pass rate for our training candidates of 73%.

Workforce Development Strategies

We can create a pipeline of qualified workers for industries that are experiencing a mass exodus of qualified, highly skilled, experienced workers; or developing communities that are preparing to house new businesses and desire to train and/or hire within their community. We ensure that the potential candidate pool is vetted, prepared and can function as leaders within the industry they are trained to support. We reach as far as middle school to bring awareness and exposure to the potential opportunities. We ensure to establish the right partnerships and training hubs to give relevant, precise training to meet the needs of the industry client. We also ensure that the workforce talent pool is diverse and can represent the communities in which our clients service.

Youth and Young Adult Character Development and Behavioral Change Strategies

Recidivism elimination, truancy and discipline referral reductions, and intrinsic academic improvement desires: these are all the areas that our Legacy Nexus Program Curriculum is designed to address. Through direct facilitation, mentoring and intervention, our program and facilitators ensure that we can meet the needs of middle and high school districts; charter networks; juvenile justice programs; and alternative/GED educational environments. The goal is to ensure that participants understand their value and position themselves to be the future and present leaders and workforce to help bring economic access and opportunities to themselves and their communities.

Community Engagement and Outreach Initiatives

We help to enhance, craft and/or execute a client’s community engagement and outreach efforts. If there is a demographic desired to be reached for messaging, awareness, opportunity or relationship building, we can ensure the message is tailored to that demographic to get the best response and outcomes. Our abilities encompass marketing, event planning, communications, stakeholder recognition and engagement, and other areas that are desired to ensure the maximum benefit of a client’s intent.