Public Speaking

Charles Wilson is a gifted motivational speaker, commercial nuclear operations trainer, author, and entrepreneur. A pillar in his community, this Chicago native has risen to the top of the nuclear energy sector by gaining national notoriety for his role in implementing critical thinking curriculum and advocating for minority visibility in STEM-related careers.

Professional Development

We help to enhance, craft and/or execute a client’s community engagement and outreach efforts. If there is a demographic desired to be reached for messaging, awareness, opportunity or relationship building, we can ensure the message is tailored to that demographic to get the best response and outcomes. Our abilities encompass marketing, event planning, communications, stakeholder recognition and engagement, and other areas that are desired to ensure the maximum benefit of a client’s intent.

A Love Letter

“A Love Letter,” is based on a letter written by Charles Wilson to his children. He highlights values that he wants to share now; not when he’s on his death bed. As he considered what he was sharing, he realized that these values could serve as guideposts to not only his children, but youth everywhere.